May 14, 2018:

  The new 600w amplifier has been completed and installed with 10w driver, control board, and FET switch.
  Initial tests using a Bird43 meter and 100E and 250E elements displayed low RF output for the amount
  of drive and dc input.  So I wired th two MECA directional couplers and tested them with 10w to 
  determine coupling factor.  Foward "50" port indicated -55.5 dB coupling and the Reflected "40" port
  in the second coupler -46.0 dB.

  I proceeded to test the amp using my HP-432A microwave power meter and determined power in 550w range
  was indicated.  Here is the Full Test Table.

  Photo of amplifier interior:

  Next the amp will be installed at the dish along with new 50V PS and 240vac Load Center.

  March 30, 2018:

  I've ordered a new 1296-MHz 600w LDMOS amplifier from W6PQL to replace the 
  two 150w W6PQL amps that I was planning to use for 1296 eme.  I had one of
  the 150w amps installed and running at 125w on my 4.9m dish.  Second 150w amplifier
  kit had not been built.  Both have been sold as a 300w amp.

  The new 600w amp will be installed with W6PQL Ultra Control Board, FET switch for the
  50v supply to the amp, and two W6PQL RF Dectector boards for monitoring forward and
  reflected RF power (remotely in the ham shack).


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