KX3 - 2M


   This webpage is for reviewing the new 2 meter transverter from Elecraft for the KX3.

   This will supplement my field testing report, so some upgrades or modifications may
   ensue from the pre-sales testing cycle. My KX3 is modified by adding a heat sink for 
   the HF/6m transmitter.  It should not have any effect on, or benefit for the 2m transmitter.


   The 2m transverter uses 50-54 MHz as IF so the whole 2 meter band is covered.  In addition
   reception over 122-165 MHz.  Tranmit power is 3w max. to a separate antennas connector 
   (sma-female).  receive sensitivity is enhanced by turning on the internal preamp.  -107
   dBm test signal from the AG3 produces a S4 signal in USB.  Transmit power is 2.5w max. 
   for a setting at 3w (some engineering changes are expected to realize 3w).  Receive 
   frequency was measured within 11 Hz in CW mode using the "spot" feature.  transmit frequency
   has not been measured.

   I returned my KX3 to Elecraft for repair of receiver issues and transmit power was checked
   as good.  I measured 3w with a 25w Bird Power Meter element for 100-250 MHz range so that 
   looks fine.  It shows 2.5w when using a 5w element for 50-125 MHz, but I suspect some drop 
   in response of that element at 144 MHz.

   I will make an extensive measurement of frequency accuracy and drift in both Rx and Tx, in the
   near future.




   Please check back as more content is added to this page!

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