New Ford F250 4x4 diesel crew cab pickup was purchase July 26 is being outfitted for mobile operation:

An Alinco DR735T 50w dual-band FM mobile radio (photo-2) is installed with front panel on lower dash board and radio unit installed in lockable compartment under the back seat of the Crew Cab (photo-8). A 16-foot cable connects the two. A 4-inch external speaker is installed on the floor at the edge of the transmission hump since the internal speaker will be under the back seat.

The KX3 with 2M module (photo-6) has been installed next to the DR735T using a combination of a Proclip 213493 dash bracket (photo-4) with a RAM HOL-UN4U holder and B-101U-A adjustable ball arm (photo-5). KX3 will be powered thru one of the "Up Lifter" switches. Two coax lines plus PTT wire will be run with the DR735T control cable and speaker wire to the rear compartment where the KXPA-100 can be installed. A TE-1410G 160w linear (photo-7) with RFC 2-23 acting as 5-10w driver is installed for use with the KX3-2M for 2m SSB.

The DR735T will be connected to an Argent "Open Tracker" TNC for APRS beaconing using the Garmin Etrex Vista GPS installed on back window.

A heavy duty dc cable (15-foot No. 8awg) brings +12v (14.2v when engine is running) from the left side truck battery to a barrier strip to power the radio equipment locate in rear compartment. Access for this plus five coax antenna lines will be routed thru a hole in bottom of the rear of the cab to an angle bracket attached to the front edge of the truck bed with four UHF thru hole bulkhead adapters so that antenna may be easily disconnected.

A new Comet Dual-Band vertical and Larson 1/4 wave 6m vertical is installed to the cab roof, plus a Par-Angle loop for 2m-SSB will be mounted on short mast installed. These three anteanna will be mounted on a triangular frame mounted on three magnets. A 3/8-inch stud antenna mount will be installed in the other corner of the bed to accept mono-band HF "Ham-Sticks". A fifth coax line will be installed to enable external connection to the KXPA-100.

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