PayPal Sales of WA2ODO Preamps

International Sales of The Popular "WA2ODO Preamps"

Effective immediately KL7UW is assuming the function that James Colson-KE7KQA was doing to assist 
the International Sales of Pete Manfre- WA2ODO Preamp line.  I will also handle any PayPal sales to the US.

The purchasing procedure will remain the same as developed by James and Pete; details follow:

1.  Per the wishes of Pete Manfre all purchases will be offered ONLY to Members of the Testequiptrader Group. 
    To Join go to Here
2.  First Step is to chose your preamp from the most recent list posted on the Group or you can click PDF for a pdf,
     or DOCX for MSWord LIST.  I update them as soon as I receive an updated list from Pete.
3.  Send me an e-mail showing the corresponding list number of the preamp you want to order.  You MUST supply me the number!
     Description is optional but helpful to get the correct preamp.

4.  I will check with Pete to make sure that preamp is available and notify you of the complete cost including shipping and handling.
5.  Preamp charge will be Pete's price plus shipping and insurance plus $10 handling fee plus PayPal Fee: 3% (US sales) 4.3% (Intl sales).
     I will e-mail the itemized cost when I inform you of the availability of the preamp.  No shipments will be 
     made without insurance.  This is protection from loss for both you and me.  Coverage is limited to some countries.
6.  Order  will only be made to Pete once I have received your PayPal.  Payment in US Funds, only.
7.  (Revised).  Pete and I both consider an inquiry into availability as a tentative order and Pete marks the preamp(s) SOLD.
     Pete's policy is that payment is made within seven days or the preamp is re-listed for sale.  I request a short e-mail to 
     me to confirm you accept the charge and plan purchase thru me via PayPal.  Also e-mail me if you decide NOT to purchase as we 
     can re-list the preamp sooner than seven days.  Of course receipt of PayPal will confirm the sale, as well.
8.  I should receive delivery from Pete in an average of five days.  I will notify you when the preamp arrives at KL7UW.
9.  Customs Duty and any VAT is the reponsibility of the buyer.  I will fill out the customs form with the correct value=Pete's price.
     Do not expect me to lie on customs forms.
10. Do not contact Pete about International Sales - I am handling that exclusively for Pete.  Also any US purchasers wishing to use
     PayPal as Pete no longer personally accepts PayPal.
10. Delivery time will be delayed about 7-10 days for shipping through me.  Delivery time from me to International locations will 
     vary as customs delays vary by country and locale.  I have no control over that.  Typical International shipping takes 10-15 days 
     to reach customs inspection point.  So it is not unusual for an order to take a month for delivery.  International Priority Mail is used
     Unless special arrangements are made with me (for additional cost).  I will supply tracking number if available.
11. I do not maintain any inventory.
12. ALL Sales are via PayPal - no exceptions!  I do not accept electronic payments.
13. Questions: e-mail me (preferred) or telephone 1-907-776-5829 1800 to 0200utc Monday-Saturday.


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