QRP Station:

  A DEMI L432-28 transverter kit has been built with the new VHF ApolLO PLL synthesizer.

  The 4.9m dish has being used which is equivalent in gain to four yagis.  Current feed is
  a two element quad in Horizontal polarity.  In 2010 A Mirage D3010 (now sold) was temporarily
  installed at the dish in a Hoffman box.    

  The 432 preamp and coax TR relay were moved from the satellite tower to the
  4.9m dish for use during the Arecibo 432 test.  A two-element quad feed antenna was 
  built for this and attached to the side of the 1296 septum feed.  The 432 preamp and Tx
  amplifier used the Tx and Rx coax lines run to the dish for 1296.  
  KP4AO (Arecibo) was received well in SSB at about 4-5 dB SNR, and JT-65B at about 6-8 dB
  SNR.  No contact was made with KP4AO.  

  After long consideration, further operation on 432-eme is no longer being considered
  with efforts and investemnt going toward 1296, 3400, and 10368 MHz
  Here are some 2010 photos:
  • Dish pointing at Moon at az=90, el=28
  • views of dual-quad feed
  • Photo of the amplifier enclosure behind dish
  • Views of the back of dish and 28-volt & 12-volt power supplies
  • Current views of the ham shack
  • The DVD player used to monitor the dish
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