FOR SALE 144MHz 8877 1500w Amplifier SOLD

  Amplifier and HVPS were sold to KL4LU via assistance of KL4E.  Bill-KL4LU is setting up for 2m EME.

  I am replacing my 144-MHz "W6PO" 8877 amplifier with a 1200w W6PQL LDMOS mplifier.
  The amplifier is accompanied by a G3SEK Triode Control Panel.  Includes 5v-11A filament transformer
  Spare untested 8877.  Amplifier output is 1500w with 60w drive (will do 1800w).

  Amplifier is has 19x12inch panel and 16-inch deep (allowing for Blower)
  Control Panel is 19x5 inch and 10-inch deep.  Based on G3SEK Triode board with HV, 
  Anode, and Grid metering and controls.


  Price: $1,000.00 plus shipping*  
  * Delivery to US or Canada possible with our RV trip planned for summer 2018 (contact me)

  High Voltage Power Supply for above amplifier: 4.2 Kilovolt (3.8kV - 0.75A) with HD transformer.
  Includes filament and HV ramp-up current surge, and MHV connector HV cabling. (see link, above)
  Panel is 19x15 inch and 16-inch deep. Separate transformer weighs 200-lbs.

  Price: $200 plus  shipping (preferance given to buyer of amplifier).

  FOR SALE W6PQL 1296 150w Amplifiers

  I have purchased a new W6PQL 600w amplifier so my two 150w W6PQL amplifiers are for sale:
  The two 150w amplifers have been SOLD

  FOR SALE - VHF-TV Filter Enclosures

  I have several nice aluminum enclosures (5.25 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch) 
  with two BNC connectors that would work well for small projects 
  like a preamp.  Filter pc board has three nice small variable capacitors 
  and silver plated coils.  The board removes easily making box for  
  your special projects.

  I just used one of these enclosures to house a 10-MHz OCXO reference and a DEMI 10-4 distribution amp using the two BNC
  connectors for two 10-MHz outputs.  I disable two of the four amps in the DEMI 10-4.  I'll post photos of this, later.

  $12.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only).  For 3-6 filters cost is $5.00/each with $13.45 shipping.

 TV Translator 20W VSWR Bridge

  Includes Panel Meter and Fwd/Ref/Aural switch with ribbon wire interconnects.  
  Uses 24v regulated PS which is included  As-is - untested.  
  See photo2 (below) for picture of meter and switch.

  $25.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only)

  FOR SALE - Cabinets from TV translators:
  The cabinet consists of 19.25 by 17.625 inch top & bottom plate; 12.75 by 17.625 inch side plates (2).
  1/8-inch thick aluminum panels all secured with 8-32 machine screws into tapped brackets for easy assembly.
  The front is sized for standard 19-inch rack panels with 7 by 19-inch panel with meters and with open space for
  5 by 19-inch panel.  
  photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5
  $10 with $65.00 SHIPPING via Parcel Post (USA-Only)  

  Removed from TV translators delivers 24 vdc at 5.0 amps (est) and also has 5 vdc bias 
  for RF Amplifier (not included - see above).  Circuit: 120 vac transformer 43 vac output to 
  bridge rectifier, 10,000 uF filter capacitor. Separate voltage regulator board 
  provides 24 vdc output.    Have about 50 of these.
  $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only),  Three PS $40 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only)

FOR SALE (2) Six Foot Dishes:
I have two Andrews 6-foot fiberglass dishes with 6-GHz feeds and weather shields (covers dish) that were surplused from commercial microwave use. - FREE for pick up in Nikiski, only! Delivered to Anchorage $60 FOR SALE 2.4 meter (8-foot) dish mounted on az-el mount with computerized drive: This dish is a Andrews fiberglass center-feed dish designed for 14-GHz and comes with 11-GHz feed with two runs of WR-90 wveguide to the back of the dish. Power supply and cpu control assemblies are included (but I do not have the custom software to operate the dish). Azimuth, elevation and polarity are selsyn motors. Digital angle encoders provide dish orientation signals to the control assembly. Dish is mounted on a sturdy steel tubing frame and weighs 300-400 lbs (est). The dish assembly originally was designed for VSAT use on oil platforms and cost $98K. Only ten were built (mfr no longer in business). As can be seen in photo, the dish can be moved with a pickup truck (wide load permit may be needed). Available for pick up in Nikiski in May-Oct. (snow covered lawn, otherwise) This dish can be used for eme from 1.296 to 10-GHz.

- Contact me to make offer - previously asking $300 (buyer responsible for loading) *NOTE: Payment required in advance in US Dollars.
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