FOR SALE - 300W HF Amplifier
  Communication-Concept 300w HF Amp 

  Model EB27A, on heat sink (pallet only, no TR relay).  300w CW/PEP SSB with 18-20w drive; draws 20A at 28Vdc.
  Kit cost me $199.95 plus $145.90 for pair of MRF422MP

  $145.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only) 

  FOR SALE - 140W HF Amplifier
  Communication-Concept 140w HF Amp

  Model AN762-140, in enclosure.  140w CW/PEP with 5w drive; draws 20-30A at 13.5Vdc
  TR Relay and Relative PWR meter.  Power-Pole DC connector.  Fan cooled.
  Kit cost me $153.85 plus $100.50 for pair of MRF454MP; est. $100 in extra components.

  $135.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only) SOLD

  FOR SALE - VHF-TV Filter Enclosures

  I have several nice aluminum enclosures (5.25 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch) 
  with two BNC connectors that would work well for small projects 
  like a preamp.  Filter pc board has three nice small variable capacitors 
  and silver plated coils.  The board removes easily making box for  
  your special projects.

  I just used one of these enclosures to house a 10-MHz OCXO reference and a DEMI 10-4 distribution amp using the two BNC
  connectors for two 10-MHz outputs.  I disable two of the four amps in the DEMI 10-4.  I'll post photos of this, later.

  $12.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only).  For 3-6 filters cost is $5.00/each with $13.45 shipping.

 TV Translator 20W VSWR Bridge

  Includes Panel Meter and Fwd/Ref/Aural switch with ribbon wire interconnects.  
  Uses 24v regulated PS which is included  As-is - untested.  
  See photo2 (below) for picture of meter and switch.

  $25.00 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only)

  FOR SALE - Cabinets from TV translators:
  The cabinet consists of 19.25 by 17.625 inch top & bottom plate; 12.75 by 17.625 inch side plates (2).
  1/8-inch thick aluminum panels all secured with 8-32 machine screws into tapped brackets for easy assembly.
  The front is sized for standard 19-inch rack panels with 7 by 19-inch panel with meters and with open space for
  5 by 19-inch panel.  
  photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4 photo-5
  $10 with $65.00 SHIPPING via Parcel Post (USA-Only)  

  Removed from TV translators delivers 24 vdc at 5.0 amps (est) and also has 5 vdc bias 
  for RF Amplifier (not included - see above).  Circuit: 120 vac transformer 43 vac output to 
  bridge rectifier, 10,000 uF filter capacitor. Separate voltage regulator board 
  provides 24 vdc output.    Have about 50 of these.
  $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only),  Three PS $40 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only)

FOR SALE (2) Six Foot Dishes:
I have two Andrews 6-foot fiberglass dishes with 6-GHz feeds and weather shields (covers dish) that were surplused from commercial microwave use. - FREE for pick up in Nikiski, only! *NOTE: Payment required in advance in US Dollars.
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