10-GHZ Microwave

  Microwave QSL!

  Summer - 2018: 

  New mw tripod
  10,368.180 MHz Beacons under construction.
  Dec - 2016:

  1.8m dish for 10-GHz EME

  P4/P5 GEO SAT ground station (proposed)

  12w 10-GHz PA

  Four pcb boards. Have TGA-2625-CP mmics to build two and one will be sold after testing.  
  If there is interest.  I will use the other two pcb for mounting TGA-2509-CP 28 dBm mmics.

  ORVO TA-3238-CP
  50w Eval board amp and DU3BC LNA (0.55 dBNF)  have been purchased towards building a 3cm EME station.

  Here is a paper I submitted to MUD-2012 on using the new Elecraft KX3 as IF radio with microwave transverters.

  Sept - 2007:

  Microwave Demonstration at PNWVHFS Conference in Bend, Oregon - KL7UW & WA6ZKY (Gordy) Measure RF Power:

  I have a complete 10-GHz portable station comprising of a KX3-2M, DEMI transverter, 
  and a 1-watt Qualcom power amplifier.  I have several antennas ranging from a small
  17-dB horn, a large 22-dB horn, and several 18-inch dishes to a 2-foot dish.
  June - 2006:

  FIRST Alaska Narrowband 10-GHz Contact made during June ARRL VHF Contest:

  photo-1   photo-2
  photo-3   photo-4
  photo-5   photo-6
  photo-7   photo-8

  April - 2004:

  Portable 10 GHz operation in the south Texas sun on April 22, 2004.  I was using the 22-dBi big-horn.
  Unfortunately, the sma relay circuit shorted out and I had no transmit capability.  I did receive Bill, W5GVE
  about 25-miles northwest of me.  My wife and I had dinner with a few of the "Road Runners Microwave
  Group" at a restaurant near our hotel in Austin that night and I received a nice certificate from them for
  the effort.
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