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SATELLITE STATUS: Under Re-contruction Replaced Yaesu Rotator Control Box
SATELLITE STATION CONFIGURATION: FT-736R purchased to provide satellite modes UV and VU; 144/432 MHz equipped. MODE-V (145-MHz): High Gain Antenna: M2 2M7 7-element Yagi (the 2m-eme array is also available) Receiver: 0.5-dBNF PREAMP Power Output = 5-30W MODE-U (435-MHz): High Gain Antenna: M2 436CP26 X-Yagi (RHCP) Receiver: 0.5-dBNF Preamp Power Output = 5-30w MODE-L (1268-MHZ): Antennas: 45-Element Loop-Yagi (Removed due to lack of L-band uplink satellites) Transmitter: DEMI 144/1268 Tx-Converter (Removed) Power Output = 3-15W
MODE-S (2401-MHz): Antenna (LEO): 8 dBic RHCP patch antenna, L-Com HG2409PCR-NF LNA: DB6NT 0.8-dBNF (Currently not installed) Receiving converters: Drake#1 2401/123-MHz and Drake#2 2401/435-MHz (Not currently installed) Preamp/relay/amplifier enclosure is currently removed from tower for re-design. Auto-tracking of the B5400 and auto-tuning to be provide by the Unitrac-2000 in the future. NOTE: 144 and 432 antennas are equipped with a T/R coax relay to enable transmit or receive function. FALL 2009 Update: High winds 12/14-15 collapsed the mast. Antennas not hurt, but will not be repaired until spring 2011. April 2011 Update:
NA1SS Achieves WAS - January 21, 2006: At 2345 utc on Jan. 21, 2006 I worked Bill McArthur on the International Space Station to give him his final state (Alaska) for WAS from space. I operated on 144.490/145.800 MHz with 50w to my 9-dB gain vertical (ARX-270) for easy Q-5 signals with Bill. I kept my contact short so that Dale, KL7XJ, could work Bill on the same pass. Here are images of the NA1SS QSL:
SUIT-SAT OBSERVATION - February 4, 2006: Suit-sat was tracked on pass 10 (coincides with ISS pass 41,227) with AOS at 1509utc at azimuth=211. Tuning 145.990 + or - 2KHz nothing was heard until az=178, el=6 where tones sounding like sstv were briefly heard. Tuning 145.989-145.988 produced FM quieting and brief moments of voice. They faded in/out too short for any recognision of text. This continued until az=121. el=5.7 where no more was heard. Closest range was 1354 km. Overhead passes at closer range, which do not occur here, might produce more recoverable audio. Equipment used (EME Station): 4xM2 2M-XPOL-20 yagis (Vert-pol), mgf-1801 preamp (0.15 dBNF), 130-feet of LMR-400, 3SK48 line amp (1.0 dBNF) before FT-847 in FM mode. Please check back for updates!
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