October, 2017

New Ham Band on 630 meters (472-479 KHz) was announced.  Registration for UTC approval of new stations began Sept. 15, 2017.
Stations that applied on that date will have processed thru the 30-day waiting period, and if not notified by the UTC that 
operation is denied, can begin ham radio operation.

Every prospective station should read: FCC document 17-33 before operating
go to http://www.500kc.com/
and click on the links to FCC 17-33

Couple notes:
Frequency band is 472-479 KHz
Modes approved are announced on the CFR 47 part 90
RF power for most of the US (some restrictions in Alaska) is for EIRP = 5w (max)*
* This must be calculated for each antenna (but typical amateur sized vertical antennas run about 5% efficient on 630m.
meaning most will run under 100w output measured into 50-ohm load.

Quite a bit information has been accumulated by the ARRL 600 Meter Experimental Group


Proposed new 630/160/80m Antenna for 2021

More content to be supplied

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