IC9700 Hints & Measurements

   Beginning of a page discussing use of the IC9700 for digital modes, remote switching of an external preamp, frquency stability improvements, and some measurements.

   To improve the IC9700 LO fequency stabiity (0.5 ppm = +/-72 Hz at 2m), I have purchased the Bodnar Injection Board and the DF9NP 49.5 MHz PLL board.  More when I have
   installed these and made measurements.

   Also some real measurements vs radio specifications.

   Below are the diagrams for a PTT control circuit to delay microphone PTT for use of an in-line preamp installed with a bypass coax relay:


   I decided to remove the preamp and use transfer relay to augment using my 2m 1500w amplifier with the IC9700:



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