December, 2022:

  Equipment boxes for 144, 432, 900, and 1296 MHz to be installed on exterior of the house
  Near base of Tower-2 to feed antennas for those bands installed on the tower.

  RF from the ham shack through a 100-foot run of LDF4-50A 1/2-inch Heliax to the 
  RF Swtiching & Power enclosure. via coax relay matrix to respective power ampliers, preamps
  and antennas, shown below:

  Fig. 1                       Fig.2                        Fig.3                                 Fig. 4
  Fig. 1 Tower-2 RF Equipment Switching & Power
  Fig. 2 Tower-2 432 & 1296 MHz Equipment
  Fig. 3 Tower-2 900 MHz Equipment
  Fig. 4 Veiw of House showing equipment boxes, HF tower with 6m yagi, 222 amp box on back side and VHF/UHF vertical at far end of house (April, 2023)
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