Spring - 2023: 

CP feed for 10-GHz EME:     Linear Pol feed for 10-GHz EME:

Conical-Corrugated feed horn for offset fed dish:

  1.8m dish for 10-GHz EME

  SDD3 Az-El slew drive has been purchased from Paul-W2HRO


  12w 10-GHz PA

  Four pcb boards. Have two  12w TGA-2625-CP mmics to build.  
  I will use the other two pcb for mounting TGA-2509-CP 28 dBm mmics.

  ORVO TA-3238-CP
  50w Eval board amp and DU3BC LNA (0.55 dBNF)  have been purchased towards building a 3cm EME station. 
  Hoping it can survive 50-second key-down cycles of JT65 or Q65 at 25w.


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