I am cleaning out my 12x38 storage shed and have several items for sale.  E-mail for particulars.
  List to be posted here (later).  

  One 19-inch rack cabinet for $20 (pick up in Nikiski - ONLY)
  Tan Cabinet next to open rack.

  Two HEAVY 48v PS (for PBX's) for FREE (pick up in Nikiski - ONLY)
  HD motor drive unit for possible rotator FREE (pick up in Nikiski - ONLY)

  MFJ-1026 Noise Canccellor

  Almost new MFJ-1026 HF Noise Cancelling Unit (cost me $295) $150.00 plus $17.50 US shipping


  RAZTRACK Board/Encoders

  Reconditioned Raztrack Control Board with SD card program:  $40.00
  One NEW ETS25 digital encoder:  $50.00  SOLD
  Two NEW MABMPU boards (vers 1.1):  $20.00/each
  One NEW Relay Board (four SPDT relays) HL-54S v1.0:  $15.00

  Or take complete package for $85.00 Plus $17.50 US shipping.
  Note: digital encoders like the ETS-25 are not included in this package

*Note: Raztrack board interfaces a Raspberry pi microprocessor and LCD touch screen for total 
standalone az/el tracking system with 0.1 degree resolution (pi & LCD not included in package).
See details and some photos.


  I have several nice aluminum enclosures (5.25 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch) 
  with two BNC connectors that would work well for small projects 
  like a preamp.  Filter pc board has three nice small variable capacitors 
  and silver plated coils.  The board removes easily making box for  
  your special projects.

  I just used one of these enclosures to house a 10-MHz OCXO reference and a DEMI 10-4 distribution amp using the two BNC
  connectors for two 10-MHz outputs.  I disable two of the four amps in the DEMI 10-4.  I'll post photos of this, later.

  $15.50 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only).  For 3-6 filters cost is $5.00/each with $17.50 shipping.

  Removed from TV translators delivers 24 vdc at 5.0 amps (est) and also has 5 vdc bias 
  for RF Amplifier (not included - see above).  Circuit: 120 vac transformer 43 vac output to 
  bridge rectifier, 10,000 uF filter capacitor. Separate voltage regulator board 
  provides 24 vdc output.    Have about 25 of these.
  $29.50 with FREE SHIPPING (USA-Only),  Three PS $47.50

FREE! (2) Six Foot Dishes: I have two Andrews 6-foot fiberglass dishes with 6-GHz feeds and weather shields (covers dish) that were surplused from commercial microwave use. - FREE for pick up in Nikiski, ONLY! Large-HEAVY *NOTE: Payment required in advance in US Dollars.
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