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Project Spreadsheet Updated for 2023 About KL7UW HF Topics 600 meters - FCC anouncement 630m Ham Band Six Meters - Log Alaska VHF-Up Group Sponsor of VHF/UHF Net - Saturday at 0930 am! VHF/UHF - Status Updated for 2023 Satellite - Status - Log Meteor Scatter - Log EME (Moon Bounce) - Status/Logs 50-MHz QRT 144-MHz QRT 1296-MHz QRT 3400-MHz Under Construction 10-GHz Planning Microwave - Status/Logs 1296-MHz QRT 3456-MHz 10-GHz QRV 24-GHz Tech Topics Radio Astronomy & SETI - Status For SALE/Wanted Updated for 2023 Misc: Go to my Facebook Family photos/history My work Sled dogs

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