SATELLITE STATUS: 2023 Update Not QRV for satellite (at present) but IC9700 was purchased to replace the FT-736R. It provides 144, 432, and 1296 operation with satellite mode. A 2-inch pipe mount will be placed in back of new hamshack for installlation of az-el rotator and satellite antennas in the future. Switching preamps for 2m and 70cm to be installed at the antenna. No amplfiers needed for transmit.
SATELLITE STATUS: 2021 Update Installation of VHF/UHF Az-El system hit a snag with inoperable Yaesu B5400 rotator; purchase of an used B5500 also not functional so both were shipped for repair by a friend (KL7H); unknown estimate for repair. So I replaced antennas with my ARX-270 dual-band high-gain vertical mounted on a 20-foot mast for the interim. Unknown performance for cross-band duplex with Leo Sats, but am using a Comet diplexer with my new IC-9700 (which is satellite capable for 144/432/1296). I still have a 1268 loop-yagi and DEMI 144/1268 15w transmitting convertor for use on L-band uplink and Drake 2401 downconverter and patch antenna for S-band. They are not currently installed.
SATELLITE STATUS: Under Re-contruction - Fall 2019 Ten foot Rohn-25g tower has been moved to new location at east end of new dog kennel on hinge plate for laying antennas over for maintenance. Rope and pulley attached to garage rafter provide raising and lowering. LMR-400 cables, two rotator cables, and control cable for future relays/preamp were run summer 2019. After testing of rotator, 2m and 70cm antennas will be attached. Mode-S patch antenna also installed but without cabling. SATELLITE STATION CONFIGURATION: FT-736R purchased to provide satellite modes UV and VU; 144/432 MHz equipped. MODE-V (145-MHz): High Gain Antenna: M2 2M7 7-element Yagi (V-pol)(the 2m-eme array is also available) Receiver: 0.5-dBNF PREAMP Power Output = 5-30W MODE-U (435-MHz): High Gain Antenna: M2 436CP26 X-Yagi (RHCP) Receiver: 0.5-dBNF Preamp Power Output = 5-30w MODE-L (1268-MHZ): Antennas: 45-Element Loop-Yagi (Removed) Transmitter: DEMI 144/1268 Tx-Converter (Removed) Power Output = 3-15W
MODE-S (2401-MHz): Antenna (LEO): 8 dBic RHCP patch antenna, L-Com HG2409PCR-NF LNA: DB6NT 0.8-dBNF (Currently not installed) Receiving converters: Drake#1 2401/123-MHz and Drake#2 2401/435-MHz (Not currently installed) Auto-tracking of the B5400 to be provide by the LVB Tracker. FALL 2009 Update: High winds 12/14-15 collapsed the mast. Antennas not hurt, but will not be repaired until spring 2011. April 2011 Update:
NA1SS Achieves WAS - January 21, 2006: At 2345 utc on Jan. 21, 2006 I worked Bill McArthur on the International Space Station to give him his final state (Alaska) for WAS from space. I operated on 144.490/145.800 MHz with 50w to my 9-dB gain vertical (ARX-270) for easy Q-5 signals with Bill. I kept my contact short so that Dale, KL7XJ, could work Bill on the same pass. Here are images of the NA1SS QSL:
SUIT-SAT OBSERVATION - February 4, 2006: Suit-sat was tracked on pass 10 (coincides with ISS pass 41,227) with AOS at 1509utc at azimuth=211. Tuning 145.990 + or - 2KHz nothing was heard until az=178, el=6 where tones sounding like sstv were briefly heard. Tuning 145.989-145.988 produced FM quieting and brief moments of voice. They faded in/out too short for any recognision of text. This continued until az=121. el=5.7 where no more was heard. Closest range was 1354 km. Overhead passes at closer range, which do not occur here, might produce more recoverable audio. Equipment used (EME Station): 4xM2 2M-XPOL-20 yagis (Vert-pol), mgf-1801 preamp (0.15 dBNF), 130-feet of LMR-400, 3SK48 line amp (1.0 dBNF) before FT-847 in FM mode. Please check back for updates!
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