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   Description of Home Station : Updated 2023
144-MHz: IC-9700 with 88w TE-1410G to provide 100-120 watts. Under Construction: LDMOS(MRF-300) Amplifier for 500 watts. Antennas: ARX-270 vertical at 26-foot or two 8-element yagis, installed at 38-foot on Tower-2. Mobile VHF radios: Elecraft KX3 with HF-6m and 2m all-mode capabilities (100w/80w with KXPA100 amp) using 1/4 WL whip. Alinco DR735 50w mobile with dual-band Comet whip for FM
Alternate use of KX3 for 2m SSB/FM/Packet with KPC-3 TNC/Surface Notepad and RFC 2-23 driving MOT 60w amp with ARX-270 vertical (Located in the house after new ham shack is completed).
222-MHz: A Bridgecom BCM-220 FM transceiver provides either 30w or 13mw drive to the Securitor amplifier with 150w watts. Antenna are two 11-element Cushcraft yagis at 60-feet above tower-2
432-440 MHz: IC-9700 at 66w or BA-150 amplifier at base of the tower-2 provides 100w Antennas ARX-270 vertical or M2 432-18 yagi at 32-feet.
900-MHz: A Motorola Spectra for use at 927.5 MHz FM with 15 watts or 150w output from an amplifier installed at base of the tower-2 Antenna: 33-element loop-yagi at 32-feet.
  • The 2m/70cm ARX-270 Base Whip was moved in 2020 to ten foot tower at end of dog kennel.
  • 2007 Backyard view of house with 30-foot tower holding two 222 yagis, one 432 yagi with 6m yagi below (EME Tower visible thru trees beyond house). Tower was extended to 50-feet in November, 2008 and Hygain TH3-mk4 triband yagi added at 50-feet.

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The Alaska VHF-Up Group was established in spring of 2005 to foster activity on the VHF-UHF-Microwave frequencies.
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