144-MHz 1500W Power Amp

October, 2020: 130-foot LMR-400 line loss tested from transverter (>25w output) to remote amplifier location (16.5w). Calculated loss 1.9 dB. 16w is sufficient to run 1385w output runnng the 1500w amplifier. February, 2019: I purchased a 2m W6PQL 1500 watt LDMOS amplifier assembled/tested by W6PQL, which will replace the 2m W6PO 8877 amplifier and HVPS. I will eventually be installed in a weather-proof 19-inch fiberglass cabinet and located at the base of the 2m-eme tower. This will eliminate need of 120-foot of 1-5/8 inch low-loss feedline and 30-foot of LMR-600 jumper cables (0.6 dB loss). Amplifier will operate at 1300w vs 1500w which is 0.6 dB lower in power so the resulting power will be 1000w to antenna (an increase of 70w). Photos of interior will be updated from those shown of the 1200w amp. Tests results (more to follow)

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