This webpage will discuss setting up a dual-receiver system using MAP65 as software for
   providing Adaptive Polarity Reception of JT-65 eme signals.
   Specifically, the EME receiver is an Elecraft K3 with KRX3 sub-receiver option, fed by a dual-channel
   transverter converting 144-MHz to 28-MHz.  The first IF (8.215-MHz) is tapped from both the Main
   and sub receivers of the K3 to drive two Telepost, Inc. LP-Pan SDR.  The LP-Pan convert the IF 
   into two quadrature baseband audio outputs which are input to a M-Audio Delta-44 soundcard which 
   produces two I/Q data streams for direct use by MAP65 version2.
   MAP65 Homepage


   Here is the presentation given at the 2012 Microwave Update in Santa Clara, CA:
   Adaptive Reception of Dual-Polarity EME signals Using MAP65v2.3 (2.8 Mb pdf)   
   Link will be activated on Oct. 25, 2012 after the presentation is made on Oct. 19.
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