about - KL7UW

Basic Ham Radio Info: KL7UW is located in Nikiski, Alaska 65-miles (98-km) southwest
of Anchorage on the west coast of the Kenai Peninsula. The grid square is BP40iq.

My name is Ed Cole and I have held the following ham radio licenses:
  • 1958 - Novice - KN8MWA
  • 1959 - Technician - K8MWA
  • 1982 - Advanced - AL7EB
  • 2000 - Extra - AL7EB
  • 2005 - Extra - KL7UW (vanity callsign)

  • I have a station operating on the following frequencies:
    • MW: 630m
    • HF: 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 10m
    • VHF/UHF: 50 - 144 - 222 - 432 - 927 MHz
    • Microwave: 1296 - 2400Rx - 3400 - 10,368 MHz
    • Radio Astronomy Rx: 1420 MHz
    My Main Ham Radio Interests: I am mainly interested in weak-signal techniques such as long-range VHF/UHF/microwave propagation, amateur satellite communication, EME (Moon Bounce), Meteor Scatter, and Radio Astronomy. I operate on 630m as part of the ARRL Experimental Group.

    Here are some of the organizations I am a member:

    As of September 2023:

    • Photos and diagrams of the station.
    • The main radio for the station is the Elecraft K3. Photo
    • HF Amplifier is an Elecraft KXPA-100 with KAXT100 auto-tuner.
    • Elecraft KX3 serves as second HF/6m radio, portable/mobile, with 2m 3w transverter option.
    • New Icom-9700 144/432/1296 satellite capable radio replaces the Yaesu FT-736R; it will used for SSB/CW, FM, and D-Star
    • 32-foot tower-1 will support the 2m EME array with four cross-element yagis.
    • The 2m-EME station running 1200w is usable for both tropo and meteor scatter.
    • A 45-element 1296 loop-yagi, 33-element 900 MHz loop-yagi, and 18-element 432 yagi will be installed on tower#2 at 35-foot, pointed azimuth=060.
    • 50-foot tower#2 supports a 3-element triband HF yagi, two 11-element 222-MHz yagis, and 3-element 6m yagi is pointed azimuth=060
    • Drake MN-2000 antenna tuner handles HF/6m tuning at 1500w.
    • A 80m/40m crossed folded-dipole antenna will be installed on tower-2 at 38-foot. They are fed with 300-ohm open wire with 4:1 balun at ground end.
    • A 160m/630m 40-foot T-vertical to be installed on tower-2, attached to the SW end of the house.
    • A 16-foot (4.9m) dish is used for 1296 & 3400 EME or 1420 MHz-RA. Removed for rebuild Oct. 2, 2020
    • I have a portable-rover station for use on 10,368 MHz.
    • Ford F250 4x4 diesel crew cab pickup July 26, 2016 with new Alinco DR-735T 2m/70cm 50w mobile radio.
    Future Plans:

    • Re-Install 32-foot Tower#1 without Hazer and new concrete base under construction 2023
    • Repair and re-install four 2m cross-element yagis Fall 2023
    • Convert 12x38 foot storage bldg into new ham-shack/workshop Completed Sept 1, 2023
    • Assemble new W6PQL 1200w HF/6m amplifierC Winter 2024
    • Install 1.8m offset feed dish for 10-GHz EME Fall 2023?
    • Install single 5-element 6m LFA yagi on 16-foot mast with RAK azimuth rotator Fall 2023
    • Install 34-foot Rohn-45g tower to hold a 5-element 6m LFA yagis at 35 foot above ground. 2024?
    • Repair 4.9m dish back structure and build new mount. 2023
    • Install new 1296 600 watt LDMOS amplifier and 50v PS at the dish. Fall 2023
    • Modify Toshiba amplifiers for 50w on 3400 MHz
    • Combine two Toshiba amplifiers for 100w on 3400 MHz.
    • Test New 25-35w 10-GHz PA.
    • Install permanent CW beacon for 10 GHz
    • Assemble 10-GHz 2w Loaner station
    • Assemble 3400-MHz 100mw Loaner station
    For more detail see the links from the home page.