2015 EME Contest Dates: 2015 DUBUS 2m-EME Activity Weekends: Frequency 144.040-144.060 CW Refer to the DUBUS EME Calendar for 2015. Details from SM2CEW. E-mail Logs to SM2CEW and reports to SM7WS. 2015 SSB EME Weekends: Jan.31-2000/Feb.01-2000utc ...432-CW/SSB Feb.21-2000/Feb.22-2000utc ...1296-CW/SSB ARI EME Spring Trophy Contest: Rules April 25/26, 144-432-1296 MHz-2.3-5.7-10 GHz 2015 DUBUS EME Contest: Jan. 31/Feb. 1 - 2m/70cm CW/SSB Feb. 28/Mar. 1 - 13cm CW/SSB Mar. 28/29 - 9cm CW/SSB Apr. 25/26 - 23cm CW/SSB May 16/17 - 10GHz-up CW/SSB Jun. 13/14 - 6cm CW/SSB 2015 DUBUS Digital 2m EME Championship: Aug. 8/9 2m Digital only 2015 DUBUS Digital 70cm EME Championship: TBA 70cm Digital only ARI EME Fall Trophy Contest: Rules Sept. 26/27, 144-432-1296 MHz-2.3-5.7-10 GHz 2015 ARRL EME Contests: (Rules) Sept. 5/6 13cm and up Oct.31/Nov.1 50-1296 1st weekend Nov.28/29 50-1296 2nd weekend VHF-Up Calendar www.vhfdx.info Make More Miles on VHF
6M EME STATUS UNDER CONSTRUCTION STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 Preamp: ARR P50VDG NF=0.5 dB, Gain=22 dB ANTENNA: M2 6M6UW (6-Element Yagi), Gain=13.1 dBi TX AMPLIFIER: Harris Platinum SSPA POWER OUTPUT: 900W TX LINE LOSS: 0.85 dB (est) EIRP = 15.7 kW TX-POL: Horz Go to 6m EME Station for more details. See my 6m EME Log (pdf).
2M EME STATUS QRV STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 TRANSVERTER: DEMI L144/28HP-DRX 50w, dual Rx: NF<1.0 DB, Gain=17 dB Vert-Pol Preamp: WA2ODO (NE-334S01) NF=0.04 dB, Gain=26.7 dB Horz-Pol Preamp: WA2ODO (NE-334S01) NF=0.05 dB, Gain=25.3 dB ANTENNA: FOUR M2 2MXPOL-20, Gain=21.3 dBi TX AMPLIFIER: W6PO-8877 POWER OUTPUT: 1300W-JT65B, 1400w-CW TX LINE LOSS: 1.7 dB EIRP = 127 kW TX-POL: Vert, Horz Go to 2m EME Station for more details. See my 2m EME Log (pdf).

432-MHZ EME STATUS QRT-Indefinite (No plans to activate 432-eme) STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 TRANSVERTER: DEMI L432/28 25w, NF<1.0 DB, Gain=17 dB INTERNAL VHF Apol-LO PLL with 10-MHz OCXO Reference Preamp: WA2ODO NF = 0.07 dB, Gain = 24.9 dBi Not installed ANTENNA: 4.9M DISH, Gain=24.5 dBi* Feed not installed TX AMPLIFIER: RF Power Labs BU-150F (mounted at feed) Not installed POWER OUTPUT: 125W-JT65 TX LINE LOSS: 3.2 dB (100-foot LMR-600 + 15-foot LMR-400UF) DISH TX LINE LOSS: 0.10 dB (12-inches LMR-400) Not installed EIRP = 38.6 kW POL: Go to 432 EME Station for more details. See my 432 EME Log (pdf).

1296-MHZ EME STATUS QRV - Ysun/cs = 16.0 dB with W2IMU feed-horn - Jan. 25, 2014 - Azimuth range: 54 - 324 degrees. Elevation min elev = 10 degrees to clear trees. STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 TRANSVERTER: DEM 1296/28H2 20W RF OUTPUT INTERNAL Apol-LO A32 PLL with 10-MHz OCXO Reference TX LINE LOSS: 5.9 dB (10-foot LMR-400 + 100-foot LMR-600 + 13-foot LMR-400UF) PREAMP: VLNA (G4DDK) NF=0.32 dB, Gain=31.4 dB Optional 2nd Preamp: DEMI NF=1.2 dB, Gain=12 dB RX LINE LOSS: 7.4 dB (125-foot LMR-400) DRIVER AMPLIFIER: N9MIN SSPA (PTF-10021), POWER OUTPUT= 8-22W Installed March 11, 2015 FINAL AMPLIFIER: W6PQL 150W SSPA, POWER OUTPUT= 120W. Installed Dec. 6, 2014 DISH TX LINE LOSS: 0.36 dB (estimated 13-foot of LDF4-50 1/2-inch Heliax) ANTENNA: 4.9M DISH with circular-POL W2IMU feed, Gain= 34.5 dBi* Installed Oct. 4, 2013 EIRP = 234 kW CONSTRUCTION 2015: FINAL AMPLIFIER: W6PQL SSPA (4x XRF-286), POWER OUTPUT=300W Go to 1296-MHz EME Station for more details. See my 1296 EME Log (pdf).

3400-MHZ EME STATUS UNDER CONSTRUCTION STATION CONFIGURATION: Elecraft K3/10 TRANSVERTER: DEMI 144/28 TRANSVERTER: DEM 3400/144 40mW RF OUTPUT (Apol-LO A32 PLL) Completed Feb. 3 - To be mounted at dish W1GHZ reflock with 10-MHz Reference To be installed to replace A32 PLL PREAMP: ASPEN TVRO LNA, NF=0.57 dB, Gain=32.4 dB Tested at EME-2010 FINAL AMPLIFIER: 2X TOSHIBA AMPS, POWER OUTPUT= 80-100W(?) To be modified/installed DISH TX LINE LOSS: 0.5 dB (estimated 10-foot of LDF4-50 1/2inch Heliax) To be installed ANTENNA: 4.9M DISH with WD5AGO-built VE4MA CP feed, Gain= 42.0 dBi* To be installed EIRP = 1.5 MW Go to 3400-MHz EME Station for more details. See my 3400 EME Log (pdf).

*Note: Dish gains per VK3UM Calc for 70cm dual-dipole, 23cm W2IMU feed, and 9cm VE4MA feed.
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