Station Topics:
  EME/Microwave Station Layout
  Station Controller for EME/microwave Station
  transmit Inhibit for FT-847 and K3
  Computer Interface for Digital Modes/CW/Telemetry 
  Modification of FT-847 for Separate Receiving Antennas
  DEMI L144/28 HP-DRX two meter transverter
  KX3 Microwave IF radio
  Ham-IV Speed Control
  Frequency & Time:
  Frequency Reference using Jupiter GPS Engine
  Frequency References using Efracom PLRO-101 Rubidium and an OCXO
  K3EXREF: Interfacing K3 TCXO-3 with 10-MHz external freq. reference

  Radio Astronomy & Space Comms:
  VHF Wide-Band IF-Detector for Radio Astronomy
  Simple 8415-MHz Receiver for NASA X-Band Spacecraft
  Antenna Topics:
  Circular Polarity Septum Feed for 1296-MHz EME
  Splicing two pieces of Hardline
  RazTrak  New!
  Using the SDR-IQ for 144-MHz EME
  Using LINRAD For Two Meter EME; Adaptive Polarization Reception
  Using MAP65 fOR Adaptive Polarization Reception
  Amplifier Projects:
  1500 Watt 8877 Amplifier for 144-MHz EME Sold
  1500 Watt LDMOS Amplifier for 144-MHz EME  New!
  1200 Watt LDMOS Amplifier for 144-MHz EME 
  Solid State 600 Watt Amplifier for 1296-MHz EME  New! 
  Solid State 300 Watt Amplifier for 1296-MHz EME Sold 
  Solid State 30 Watt Driver for 1296-MHz 300w amplifier
  Solid State 100 Watt Amplifier for 432-MHz 
  Combining Two 3400 MHz Toshiba Amplifiers
  Other Topics:   
  Modification of MFJ-269B for 500-KHz
  Installation of mobile electronics in new truck   

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